5. Your memory is not perfect

We know you may think you’ve got it all stored in that steel trap but we can attest from personal experience; it doesn’t always work as expected. Sure, you might be able to keep up with 10, or 20 or even 50 clients in your head but there comes a point when you just can’t track them all and their associated tasks and events. Do you really want to limit your business by what information you can store in your head?

4. Never lose your data

If you use notepads, memo books, calendars, and other systems for tracking your data then the odds are high that you are going to lose it at some point. Store everything on your laptop? They can be stolen. A Cloud CRM lets you effectively protect your data from being lost.

3.You need metrics

Do you know how many successful projects you’ve had in the past week, month, or year? Can you quickly state your conversion ratio or explain the best method you reach your customers with absolute certainty? Metrics are critical to your business growth and success. You may deceive yourself into thinking you can figure out things with common sense or with some Excel spreadsheet formula – but is that what you want to spend your time doing? Our guess is that your time is more valuable than that, and the odds are high you’ll make a mistake in your calculations anyway.

2. Track your tasks and events

Calendars are important, way more important then emails with dates in them. You’ll never be able to keep track of every task you need to do and event you need to attend without a good system. A Ermelo CRM will help you not only keep track of every task and every event but also relate them to the appropriate customer or lead. Ermelo CRM provides a calendar system that allows you to see all of your tasks and events and also your teammates tasks. Plus, with Ermelo CRM you have a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of upcoming tasks and events across all your contacts.

1. Be organized

You may claim that you can manage your business using email, task management systems, and calendar systems but you’ll miss the big picture. Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture. Ermelo CRM integrates emails and tasks and calendars and so much more in one easily maintained and managed place. Access your information from anywhere in the world and from any internet-accessible device. You’ll learn things about your business you never knew before. By being organized and storing things in a central location you’ll bring all the pieces together.